Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Yesterday was hard.
& I mean HARD.

I had breakfast, a snack, lunch, a snack, dinner & a snack. & not once, never, did I feel full. Not even satisfied. I seriously felt like I was starving. Like I hadn't ate in days.

This is not helpful when I'm trying to lose weight and learn how to eat better. It is a very good thing I had gotten rid of all the junk food in my office!

I know I'm hungry this morning because my dinner didn't turn out last night. I tried my hand at fish and it was horrible. And not my fault, it was the fish. Lesson learned, by fresh not frozen. So, I ended up having a can of green beans and a salad for dinner. And when I say salad I mean lettuce and sweet peppers with fat free salad dressing. No cheese, bacon bits or any of that good stuff.

Which leads me to the whole WW Points situation.
I only had 15 points yesterday.
I'm supposed to have 24.

But can I help it if veggies have no point value and I eat a lot of them?

I'm not sure what to do. I've been told to make sure I get all my points (and maybe that would have helped my hunger.) But I don't feel like I should eat just to get points.

Although, I'm sure if my fish had turned out I would've been around 24 points. So, maybe I shouldn't worry about what happened yesterday and see how the rest of the week goes.

Also, when I went to the fat doctor they gave me a drink to try, Dience. I'm supposed to drink half before lunch and half before dinner to help fill me up. I've been putting it off because I'm afraid it won't taste good and since it's new I can't find any reviews. BUT, I've decided to give it a try today. I'll let you know how that goes...

I lasted a total of 15 minutes on the elliptical.
How pathetic, I know. ugh


Hayley said...

Not eating your points every once in a while won't hurt. But, don't let it become a regular thing, b/c you will actually gain weight.

A whole can of green beans is actually 1 point, and some other veggies do have points values.

I'd be lucky to last 2 minutes on the elliptical. LOL.

Donna Jo said...

If you see that you can't reach the points, try counting calories and fats instead. That's what I'm doing. 1400cals and 22fats for me.. I'm sure your fat doc told you or will tell you what you should intake. I normally don't get up to 1400cals.. and sometimes I'm WAY off, but I'm taking vitamins and eating healthy food. I agree with you on the making yourself eat to get points, or in my case cals.. to me that's going against the whole eating better/not stuffing myself thing.. I just can't make myself do it.. Anywho. I hope things get better for you!! With you still being hungry maybe try different/more filling snacks.. I tried the FIBER ONE granola bars. So far the oats & strawberry and the oats & peanut butter ones are REALLY good, and they are filling.. don't know pts..but I can give you the nutrional facts for the strawberry ones if you want them (that's the ones I have at work).. The peanut butter one tastes like cornflake treats (hopefully you know what I'm talking about!!) it's really good..And hey, 15mins is better than none (like me :/) On an elliptical, *for me*, 15mins is a mile, so that's pretty good! anywho.. Good luck on your pts. and everything!! :) And sorry for rambling :)

Jennifer said...

It's hard to eat healthy and stay full if your not used to it.
I wouldn't eat more just to get the points you need. That was my problem when Travis worked nights was having a good dinner just for me. I dont like cooking just for me, so I ate kinda bad. But that was 2 years ago now.
Fruit is expensive to buy. I have a recipe for home made granola to have with yogurt in the morning for breakfast. I made me some and it's keeps me full until lunch.
Good luck.
Try to at least exercise for 30 days straight. It doesn't matter what you do, just get up and do something. After 30 days, working out should be easier. I'm trying this now.