Monday, February 1, 2010

185, still.

I didn't weigh on Friday.
I knew I hadn't lost any.
I actually felt like I had gained.

& I didn't get to go to the fat doctor because I had to take an emergency trip to Jacksonville. But, I'm going today. I don't want to be on Mondays but oh well, I don't want to wait until Friday to get another shot.

When I go today I'm going to make them explain every single shot to me.

I know for a fact I will not get what I did last time. It made me extremely hungry. Like, ridiculously hungry! Not cool, at all.

I didn't want to get on the scale this morning, but I did.
It said 185. ugh!

I did really good with food last week.
Super proud of myself!

& this week I'm going to start walking with Marianne.
Monday, Wednesday & Friday.

The rest of the week I will do the elliptical.
Here's to hoping we get enough back in taxes that I can get a treadmill...


Donna Jo said...

Look at it as being good that you didn't gain anything..You're trying, and that's what matters. Maybe they can give you something different that won't make you be hungry like crazy. It's good that you have someone to go walk with, too. Hope you're able to get the treadmill. I kind of wish I would get one, but idk.. the gym gets me out of the house.. Good luck, girl.

Jennifer said...

To look at it in a positive light like Donna Jo said, at least you didn't gain any. It's hard thinking you do good all week with food and working out, and then the scale to say the same is really heart breaking. Keep up the good work, and good luck with the doctor!