Friday, February 26, 2010

Still 185

I am not joking.
I'm about to just cut my fat of myself!

I've done AT LEAST (usually more!) 30 minutes of cardio in the last 6 consecutive days!

I'm eating 3 meals a day but much smaller portions thanks to the Bontril.

I cannot comprehend what is going on!
I was supposed to have a metabolism test done today but the boss is showing up (we don't know when) so I couldn't schedule one. Now I'll have to wait until next Friday.

I'm beyond the point of thinking this is a plateau.
Something in my body is not working right.

I've tried not to be like this,
but it's just simply not fair!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Fad Diet

We all know I'm obviously stuck on a ridiculous plateau.
Everyone at my fat doctor is even confused.

So, it's time to try one of those fad diets.
Even if it just confuses my body enough to get off this plateau, it will be worth it.

It is a crazyintense one though.
10 days with specifics food.
Most of the food I don't eat.
It's likely I'll get bored quickly.

But I am taking Bontril and it has been doing a magnificent job of keeping my hunger down (& giving me dry mouth).

I'm going grocery shopping this weekend so will start it soon.
Wish me luck! haha

Monday, February 22, 2010

Expectations & Plateaus

Thanks to Weight Watchers for this.

Expectations about how much weight can be lost as well as the speed with which it can be lost affect the weight-loss process.

Having realistic expectations may enhance psychological well-being during the weight loss process as well as determine satisfaction with the results achieved.

Keep Expectations Reasonable
There is no question that a weight loss of 5% to 10% of initial body weight improves health, reducing the risk of diseases such as heart disease, type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure.1 Despite this, research has found that overweight individuals often desire weight losses 2 to 3 times more than this amount.2 In one study that included obese women, a 17% weight loss was viewed as "disappointing" by the participants and it took a 25% weight loss for the rating to be "acceptable." 3
The gap between realistic and desired weight goals can lead to a "discounting" of the results that are achieved. Some studies suggest that having unrealistic weight-loss goals can undermine work against consistently making the behavior changes needed for lasting weight loss.4 Moderating expectations, particularly as they relate to the speed with which weight-loss is achieved, may help keep weight-loss efforts on track.

Refocus Weight Goals
Experts agree that a 10% weight loss of initial weight over a period of six months is both realistic and attainable.1 When calories are reduced 500 to 1,000 calories per day, weight is lost at a rate of 1 to 2 pounds per week. After six months, however, it is common for weight loss to plateau.

There are several factors that contribute to weight-loss plateaus. For example, familiarity with a weight-loss plan often leads to a relaxed adherence in eating or exercise regimens. In addition, the number of calories needed for metabolism is reduced as weight is lost. To counteract this and resume the recommended rate of weight loss, a further decrease in food calories and/or increase in calories burned in physical activity are needed.

If weight loss plateaus after six months of active dieting, experts often recommend a reassessment of weight-loss goals. For many, a refocusing of efforts to maintain the weight that has been lost as opposed to continuing active weight loss may be desirable. After a few months of weight maintenance, a return to active weight loss is reasonable.

Sunday, February 21, 2010


I thought I'd share why I absolutely have NO EXCUSE to be fat!

Yes, that's a treadmill, a bike and a weight machine.
I also have a large ball, the Bender ball, an elliptical & the AB Lounger.

Inches Lost

I've measured my inches twice.
Jan. 23 & Feb. 17.

I had lost the originals measurements but they've been found!
I've lost 2 1/2 inches on my stomach and almost 2 on my thighs!

This is very monumental for me since I'm not seeing a difference on the scale!

I got a brand spankin' new treadmill so hopefully the inches and pounds will start falling off quicker!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Discovery Made!

I made an amazing discovery last night...

I was examing where I got my shot yesterday because it was bothering me hard core. After staring at myself for a good minute or so I realized that something looked different.

My back side has slimmed down. A lot!
I could not believe it! I showed Kevin,
his response was "I noticed a difference 2 weeks ago."
Well, thanks for telling me!

So, even though I don't seem to be losing pounds,
I do seem to be losing inches.

Though I'd be much happier if it was inches in the front!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Week 4

Well, this is the beginning of week 4.
Oh, how I'm dreading it.

It was a bad weekend.
Parents were here so I didn't even think about what I ate.
Oh wait, I did have a salad at Zaxby's...

Anyway, I'm still at 185.
& not budging!
I took a pregnancy test just to ease my mind of that.
Whew, no babies.

Though let me say real quick.
I had baby fever hella hard core this weekend.
I think it has to do with the parents pushing for a grandbaby though.

Anyway, I missed my shot Friday due to the snow.
I'm going today and will probably get some pills to.
I've got to do something... ugh

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Thanks Weight Watchers

I have always been iffy about the 5 meals a day thing.
Hubbs disagrees of course, he doesn't think you should eat if you're not hungry. Point taken.

Thanks to WW, I now feel differently about eating 5 meals a day.

Weight loss — as well as weight gain — is a matter of calories in versus calories out. If you eat fewer calories than your body requires, you will lose weight. If you eat more calories than your body requires, you'll gain weight. How you take in those calories is up to you; it's a simple mathematical equation and really a matter of trial and error.

For example, while my husband can go for hours without eating (some days he wakes up around 7 a.m. and doesn't eat anything until 1 p.m.) and not have that affect his food choices, I MUST eat breakfast and have a midmorning snack or I crave greasy comfort food for lunch. That's not to say that my husband's method is best, but it works for him.

I do want to point out however that research shows that breakfast eaters are more successful with weight loss. Many people report feeling better both physically and emotionally when they refuel periodically throughout the day.

The trick is to play around with your food intake to see what best satisfies you. While eating an apple midmorning seems to increase my hunger, munching on a Golden Delicious in the late afternoon is a very satisfying snack. Low-fat yogurt or a small handful of nuts and raisins on the other hand is very nourishing midmorning but eaten later in the day, makes me feel bloated and "off."

Regardless of the eating pattern you establish, it's important to remember one thing: Exercise is an easy way to "erase" a few calories if you eat more than you planned for.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Everything you know is wrong.

It’s the truth. Everything you know is wrong. If you think diets don’t work, then you’re wrong. If you think exercise makes you hungry, then you’re wrong. If you think your diet is the perfect one for everybody, then you’re wrong. If you think hard exercise is the best way to lose weight, then you’re wrong. No matter what you think about diet and fitness, you’re wrong. There is always someone out there who does well on a wacky diet. There is always someone out there who reacts to exercise differently. We are such a diverse species that there is a way for everything to work and there is a way for everything to fail.

You need to find what works for you and keep doing it until it doesn’t work anymore and then start the process all over again.

The next time that you feel like you can’t follow your diet anymore, repeat to yourself, “Everything you know is wrong.” The next time you feel like you are going to stop your workout before it’s finished, repeat to yourself, “Everything you know is wrong.” Make it your mantra any time that little voice inside your head is telling you that you cannot do something and you’ll find out all the different ways you have been wrong your entire life.

thanks -


I am becoming very discouraged.
I mean really really really discouraged.

I'm sick of hearing or seeing people lose weight when they are not working as hard as I am, or not doing a damn thing at all! & here I am not losing an ounce!

I'm not gonna let it get the best of me,
but I had to put it out there.

This is exactly why I feel like I would benefit from WW meetings.
But I still have been unsuccessful at convincing the hubbs.

Monday, February 8, 2010


Well, we walked 5 miles Friday night.
& it wasn't nearly as hard as I imagined it would be.
Nor did my legs hurt the next day. whew!

That was a total of 10 miles last week!
But did I lose any weight?
Nope, of course not!

I had my appt w/the fat doc on Friday.
I also went ahead and got my shot so I could be back on Fridays.
He gave me lots of good tips. Especially about carbs and protein.

He also told me to take Fish Oil and Vitamin E. ugh

This is week 4.
If I don't lose any this week things are gonna get intense!

Friday, February 5, 2010


2 weeks and 4 shots later,
& I'm still stuck at 185! ugh
Talk about heartbreaking!

I know that I didn't work out that much the first week or this last for that matter but I dang sure know I haven't been eating like I used to! And a little exercise is much more than I used to get!

It would have been nice just to see 1 pound gone at least!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Sooo proud!

I am sooo proud of myself!

I walked 3 miles with Marianne last night.
Granted, that might be nothing to some of you but that is a lot for me!

& let me tell you, it is not an easy, flat trek.
The last part is straight up hill, and it is tough!

The second time I thought I was going to die but by the 3rd I guess my legs went numb and I pushed on through easily.

We're gonna try and do 5 miles Friday!

On another note, I'm considering joining Gold's Gym.
I really have no excuse now that my hubbs work schedule is weird.
I'd have plenty of time to go...

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


I was down 2 lbs according to the fat doctor.
BUT, I don't go by their scale so oh well.

I told them that I was miserable and starving all last week and they think it may have been the extra B12 I got. But it also could have been the stress I was under, and my cycle making an appearance.

Anyway, I did not get B12 yesterday. I did get 2 shots, but it was extra lipo. Hopefully it'll work this time. If not, I'm gonna have to get some pills next week. The girl that did it about killed me. Like to the point I am nervous of going back! Her hand was heavy as hell! And I've never had someone hurt me so bad while they were taking blood. I was pissed by the time I left. I'm considering telling Mrs. Vickie that I only want her to do it even if I have to wait all day or that I'm gonna have to start taking the shots home for Kevin to do. Seriously, it hurt that bad. I don't want to be afraid to go every week...

I have to go back on Friday to see the doctor. Even though I've seen him twice in the past 2 years...

I think I'm having a protein problem.
I'm gonna spend all day trying to find foods with 15 grams of protein. Wish me luck!

Last night was my first night walking with Marianne.
Thanks the heavens I am not miserable today. My thighs are a little tender but it's a good burn. Reminding me not to eat junk because I worked my ass of last night. haha

We did 2 miles.
Hoping for 3 on Wednesday.
Maybe we can get up to 5 next week...

Monday, February 1, 2010

185, still.

I didn't weigh on Friday.
I knew I hadn't lost any.
I actually felt like I had gained.

& I didn't get to go to the fat doctor because I had to take an emergency trip to Jacksonville. But, I'm going today. I don't want to be on Mondays but oh well, I don't want to wait until Friday to get another shot.

When I go today I'm going to make them explain every single shot to me.

I know for a fact I will not get what I did last time. It made me extremely hungry. Like, ridiculously hungry! Not cool, at all.

I didn't want to get on the scale this morning, but I did.
It said 185. ugh!

I did really good with food last week.
Super proud of myself!

& this week I'm going to start walking with Marianne.
Monday, Wednesday & Friday.

The rest of the week I will do the elliptical.
Here's to hoping we get enough back in taxes that I can get a treadmill...