Friday, January 15, 2010

no loss

I'm 2 pounds behind schedule.
Maybe I'll have better luck next week...

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Yanitza said...

hey 1st i love ur Blog i want to start one but dont know what to do or say...but about ur weight girl last yr i gaine 2much weight after coming back from greece so i have learn this: 1st when im stress about lossing weight i dont lose anything when i relax weight start coming off like nothing 2nd you have to see the gym like a time for ur self (ME TIME) no like an obligation bc then u will make excuses for u not to go or for u not to workout (same if u just working out at home) 3rd is really hard doing it by ur self so u have to find friends that wants to loose weight and be with u on this or atleast friends that like to workout i use to see the gym as an obligation i didnt know one friend at home that like 2 work out or that need it to work out so it was hard for me to keep going and then i got here to Japan n i have found one friend that love working out and she dont need to but she likes it so she keep me motivated and one that need to go to the gym n so we keep each other motivated when i feel like giving up my friend call me hey im waiting for u to go to the gym and then i feel like ok let me go since some one is waiting... n 3rd work out with music or tv if u by urself n put a towel covering up the time...that way u entretain so u dont know how much longer u have left n the music or the tv entretain u so by the time the show is over u done.... ;0) so since i started no stop going monday-friday for 1 or 2 hrs i have lost 3ponds and thats just 1 1/2 weeks bc the 1st week the baby got i hope this help n keep going bc YOU CAN!!!!....ooh n when i was home i used to drink this pill name ADIPEX(phetermine) the are really good they have to be prescribe by a doctor and they have diferent kind the best one is the white one with blue dots(the light blue with blue dots dont work) n they cost 30 for 1month....that help me alot i lost 10pounds in 1 week just washing what i was eating thats how i keep my weight off for 3yrs then i didnt find a doctor to give it to me onces i was in Jax so i didnt watch what i was eating in greece and i gaine to much weight...but see if u can find them im sure u will...good luck with everything and sorry if the comment was 2 long!!!ciao!!!