Friday, January 22, 2010


189. wow.
That's what the scale said at the fat doctor.
Granted, I'm wearing jeans, a heavy hoodie and tennis shoes.
Think it all weighs 4 pounds? I hope so...

Pretty sure I would have fell out had it said 190 though.
So, maybe I should be slightly thankful.

I got 2 shots. The Combo.
They did NOT hurt as bad as I remember.
I think it's only because Mrs. Vickie did it though.
I hope she sticks with me when I come in. haha

I got the food speech:
Nothing white or fried.
(I already have the no caffeine down.)
Eat lots of protein.
(Tips on protein foods would be helpful.)
Eat lots of green beans & strawberries because they're fat burners.
(Check, I can def do that!)

& instead of using salt use something spicy.
(got Chipotle Mrs. Dash in the cabinet!)

The only thing I didn't like was being told to eat 5 meals a day. I just HATE that. Makes me crazy. If I'm not hungry, I do not want to eat! But, they suggested a handful of nuts (protein.)

I also didn't like being told to change it up.
Eat something different every day.
I can do that for dinner and maybe lunch but breakfast will be hard.

30 minutes of cardio ever day. yikes.
I can do it though. I will do it!


Hayley said...

What kind of doctor is this? I was just curious b/c I've never heard of a Fat Doctor...

I eat the same thing for bfast every day- a bowl of cereal. Lunch and dinner is when I change it up, so you'll be fine.

Jennifer said...

Well, at least you got some good information to start going by to help. I've only had 2 sodas in the last week. I still have sweet tea, but no soda. I dont get how to eat 5 meals a day, your have your 3 regular meals, and 2 healthly snack options. Yogurt has protien in it and cheese sticks.
Good luck!

Donna Jo said...

I found a really good cookbook at Borders the other day. It's BETTER HOMES AND GARDENS low cal/low fat it lists the nutrional facts with the receipes.. It was like $22.. Just in case you need help planning your meals :)

The clinic I go to said to not eat pork and to eat as little as possible/no beef.. To stick w/ chicken, turkey,and wild game..

And I like the Progresso Light soups.. except for the southwestern vegetable one..

Good luck!