Monday, January 4, 2010

h e l p

I just had a frozen Weight Watchers lunch.
It did absolutely nothing for my hunger.
Maybe it's because I only had 1 packet of oatmeal for breakfast...

Anyway, I need help.
What are your tricks for curbing hunger?
Don't say water, I already drink it like a fish and it doesn't do anything.


Hayley said...

I keep some 1 point cheese (Mini Babybel Lite) in my fridge as a snack. Try the Lean Cuisine full meals. You get a veggie side and a little dessert. It does a little more for hunger than a Smart Ones. I also like to snack on Cheez Its or goldfish.

Anonymous said...

i agree with hayley on the lean cuisine meals they have the same pts value as the WW meals and are soo much better and filling. I like to snack on crackers like hayley too. or cheese. Cheese has good nutrients and is filling

Donna Jo said...

When I eat the frozen meals like that, I find that if it's just one food I feel like I"m still hungry, but if it's 2 foods I don't. I think it's a mind over matter thing for me though.. Anywho, have you tried fruits, snack vegies (carrots, etc), yogurts. Or in other words.. HEALTHY snack foods. OO Yoplait yogurt has a cinnamon roll one!! It's delicious.. But my most fave is the Raspberry cheesecake one.. :) I'm really hoping that they will come out w/ a red velvet cake yogurt one day, haha

Jessica said...

I will def have to check out those full meals. I think I might have had one before, or something like it. I've tried cheese, but can't ever eat just one piece! lol

I think I'm gonna stock up on fruits and veggies next time I go grocery shopping.

Thanks yall!