Sunday, July 31, 2011


It was such a relief to see no 7 on the scale this morning.

I've lost 7 pounds in 9 days.
If I keep this trend up I will be good to go.

I'm going to try really hard to start exercising tomorrow.
I am scared to death it's going to make the scale stop moving though.

Yes, I know I should throw the scale away but I just can't.
Not yet anyway...

Saturday, July 23, 2011

for the millionth time

Well, I made the decision to go back to a fat doctor for some pills. I know a lot of people don't agree with this. But me? I don't agree with all the fad diets. I need a lifestyle change and only pills can help with that. I'm hoping that one month will give me the boost I need to get back on track but two is my max.

I chose the Aspen Clinic in Baton Rouge as I have a friend that goes there and my boss has been. Both gave me good reviews. And of course, it had to be better than the ghetto place I was going to in Alabama.

My appointment was at 8:15. On a Saturday, yes it sucked. I have been throught the process before so I was mostly bored and not learning anything new. But they did have a nifty body composition scale that I paid $35 to use. BUT I can use if for a year. It told me all kinds of things. Most of which I didn't want to know.

BMI: 27.8 (this is not ok, this is obese and I was not prepared for that)
BMR: 1621 (this is how many calories my body burns, I was put on a 1200 calorie diet)
Fat %: 40.6 (that sounds like a lot huh? I need to be 21-33%)
Fat Mass: 72 lbs (I need to be 28-52 lbs)
FFM: 105.5 lbs (I forget exactly but this is what I'd weigh without fat basically)

The nurse told me I could have a goal weight of 110 pounds. This floored me and does not seem realistic at all. I told her I think my goal is 145, if I want lower when I reach there then so be it.

The doctor told me to throw my scale away and only weigh once a month at my office visit. I just do not know if I can do this, but I'm gonna try.

I relearned all the usuals. Like write down everything you eat. Only drink water. Watch your portions. yada yada yada. I know all this, I just need the motivation to do it.

And let me explain to you why I need the help of pills. I'm not just an emotional eater. I'm an anytime eater. I'll eat just because there's food. I'll eat all of what's in front of me even if I'm not hungry. I've been like that for as long as I can remember. I just love food. The trick is, learning to love healthier foods.

I was told to avoid all fried foods for the first month to boost up the fat loss. I'm very anxious to not only see if I can do this, but see if it works.

I'm not going to try and do anything drastic. That falls under fad diet to me. I just have to learn to make better choices, and not all at once.

And since I haven't been getting any excercise they advised me to start with 3 days a week at 30 mins for the first 2 weeks. I think this is a good idea because I know I will get burnt out quick at first. Though doc did advise that I march quickly in place for 5 mins twice a day to get my muscles on a routine. This was a new idea and I'm anxious to try it out.

I weigh 176 right now. My goal is 145 so I only made a short term goal since that is only 31 lbs

My goal is to be 145 by October 31, a little over 3 months.

Wish me luck!