Tuesday, August 23, 2011

2nd appt at Aspen Clinic recap

I had my 2nd appointment at the Aspen Clinic (the fat doctor) today.

It was a very successful appointment. It put me in a wonderful mood!

I've lost 11 pounds in 4 weeks.
I didn't believe this was going to be good but apparently it is.
I've lost 22 pounds total since starting this journey.
Still have about 20 to go.

My BMI went from 27.8 to 26.0
BMR from 1621 to 1571
Fat % from 40.6 to 39.1 (goal is 21-33%)
Fat Mass from 72 to 65 (goal is 28-52 lbs)

The doctor was very encouraging. He brought to light that I've lost 11 pounds even though I didn't do anything they advised. I haven't been keeping a food journal. I watch my portions but not what I eat. I haven't been exercising. I've even been drinking caffeine.

Now lets all imagine the outcome had I been doing this the correct way.
Yeah, I pretty much want to punch myself.
Lesson learned.