Friday, June 12, 2009


Lovely way to start my weekend.
A 4 oz gain instead of a loss! ugh

Can I PLEASE blame it on my cycle??? lol

Kevin and I went to Miyori last night and I'm not even gonna attempt to count the calories, I know it's not good. I will see how many I had to spare though...

oatmeal 320
double decker taco 350
1 tbsp peanut butter 90

15 mins elliptical -179

total: 581

I'm pretty sure I ate more than 619 calories last night.
Between the sushi, shrimp, veggies and lots of rice, it's not looking good.
But hey, I did drink WATER!

I hope I don't gain 5 pounds being at my parent's this weekend.
That would suck major ass! Keep your fingers crossed for me!

I looked into Weight Watchers yesterday.
I'm allowed 24 points a day and a 35 point allowance a week.
I'm trying to find a place to get the books I need to show how many points everything is...

I just really think that would be easier for me than counting calories.
I guess trial and error is the only way to find out.
But, I can't do anything until I find the books. Ebay here I come!


cooljessie said...
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cooljessie said...

You really should just join weight watchers online...It is not that expensive (esp after you buy the books and crap), you get to try a full week free, you dont have to go in anywhere to weigh in, PLUS you get to call in to a dietician whenver you dont understand something or just need some advice or a friend. You can cancel after the first week with no charge if you dont want to do it anymore....
Here is the website,

You get to eat out if you need or want too!!!

Oh yeah, and I wanted to tell you too.....Not only does too much rice, sugar, and starch add a whole lot of empty calories in your diet, but it also makes you retain a bunch of should try splenda in your tea. Think of all the calories you would save that way. Plus splenda is made with real sugar, and you can add a little lemon if the taste if funny to you???!!