Friday, June 5, 2009


I got on the scale for the first time in about a month.
I was fully prepared for it to say "FATASS!".
But it was much nicer than I expected.
I was glad to see that I hadn't gone over my highest weight.
Yes, I know it's very close.

Starting Monday I will use this blog to keep count of all my calories and exercise.

I've got to learn how to stay on the wagon this time.
Lord knows I've fallen off EVERY time.

Join me in my journey, feel free to leave any helpful tips.


Sasha said...

Good luck! I will be joining the wagon as soon as this baby is born!

My weight is close to yours! I won't say how close, lets just say for my buils and hight, it is FATASS!! Won'tbe after this baby is born tho! I can't wait!!!

Jennifer said...

Good Luck!
I'll join you if you want!
I dont need to loose all that much, I just want to feel better and look better!
I've fallen off too!

Jennifer said...

I would check out Prevetion. They have a 2 week body turn around. It's helpful!
Here's the link:

Donna Jo said...

I'm with you for more reasons than just weight loss (which is #1) with all my dad's gone through. I need to start keeping myself here's the us, right? :) Good luck gal.