Thursday, June 18, 2009

1290 for yesterday

Could have been better had I gotten a salad at Red Lobster...
I did do the elliptical for 30 mins.
& I regret it, my legs are on FIRE today!

cupcake 270
chicken & shrimp 390
biscuits 300
stuffed mushrooms 130
taco 170
veggies 30

elliptical -359

total: 931

I'm gonna go ahead and predict that I the scale is not gonna be nice tomorrow.

Good news: My husband who only drinks Mt. Dew heard something about high fructose corn syrup and seriously told me he wasn't going to drink it anymore. I don't believe him but time will tell I guess. I asked him if he was not gonna eat anything that had it in it and he doesn't think too many things have it, but I'm gonna show him just how much. haha

Supposedly the Mt. Dew Throwback doesn't have it but that's only out for a limited time I think...???

He wanted to know wtf I was gonna be cooking since he only seen 2 things of hamburger meat in the fridge after my grocery store trip. I told him CHICKEN! As long as I don't let it get boring I think he'll tolerate it.

1 comment:

Jennifer said...

I hate finding new things to have for dinner.
I'm always look for new recipes.
It makes it hard when the men wont eat certain things.
All Travis drinks is water, 2 mountain dews at work and beer.