Thursday, June 11, 2009

1420 for Yesterday

Ugh, I suck at this.
At least it's better than yesterday...

sweet tea 180
grilled cheese 380
taco 200
rice 100
sweet tea 180
lasagna 380

15 mins elliptical -179

Total: 1241

Does anyone else think it's impossible to burn more calories than you eat?

I'm dreading the scale tomorrow morning... ugh


Donna Jo said...

Of course it's not just can't work to do it b/c you'll have to work out for like 8 hours, haha.

Look at it this way... at least you're getting up and doing something instead of just sitting on your ass and eating junk. :) Well, that's how I'm looking at it :)

cooljessie said...

Wow, that is a lot of food...I only eat like 600 calories a day. But I guess I dont really count my calories near as much as I count WHERE the calories are coming from. I dont eat any calories that go towards refined sugar and simple carbohydrates. I only eat calories that come from complex carbohydrates and fiber like weight watchers yogurt, soy, chicken no red meats, peanuts...ect. It is kinda hard to do in the beginning, but after a week or so your stomach shrinks and you need less and less food to fill you and are satisfied longer. Then after a month or so goes by and you loose like ten or fifteen pounds, the results are so worth it!! That is what weight watchers points are all about...not having too many refined sugars and simple carbohydrates in a week. So in that weeks time, you are allowed to have a sweet treat once, which is what you look forward to all week. You have to start eating more raw vegies like carrots and ranch, celery with peanut butter..ect. Its not how much you eat that satisfies you, but how much you chew. My favorate is ordering chicken terriaky at a chinese restuarant and adding some spanish peanuts in...its chewing those peanuts and the protein in the chicken that keeps me full all day. Plus it is YUMMY!! But you have to watch the fast food restuarants, with all the sauces and fat fillers they put in that shit, those calories add up real fast and they are empty calories, so they burn up real fast and leave you feeling drained at the end of the day..

But I do wish you luck, loosing weight is not easy, you have to find what works for you!!