Tuesday, August 11, 2009


I seriously have to stop with the snacks.
Regardless if they are 1 point or not!
I think it is being a bad influence on me.

Last night the hubbs said, "You're eating stuff you wouldn't be eating if you weren't on a diet." And as much as I hate to admit it, he's totally right. I'm snacking just because I see that I have extra Points. Which means I'm gonna have to start eating more heartier (points filled) meals.

I'm really hating the Points system right now.
I'm not quiting, just saying I hate it...

Also, I haven't worked out in 3 days.
Nope, didn't yesterday either.
My foot is still killing me and I'm pretty confident the elliptical is what's keeping it from healing. BUT, I have a doc appointment at 1:30 today and maybe he can get me some sort of brace or tell me what to do or something. Of course, I can barely understand him so who knows. ugh

23 points yesterday

1 pack oatmeal - 3pts
SmartOnes - 4pts
2 string cheese - 2pts
2 WW snack cakes - 2pts
Italian style eggplant - 7pts
salad - 1pt
popcorn - 1pt
Babybel cheese - 2pt
WW coconut candy - 1pt

The hubbs didn't try the new eggplant WW recipe last night. I think he was scared cause it didn't have meat but I thought it was pretty good. Didn't really taste like anything other than the sauce that was on it. And it was quite filling.

Super excited cause I won 2 more Weight Watchers cookbooks on eBay yesterrday! woo hoo


Jennifer said...

I like to snack too. I know it"s because I don't eat a big enough lunch. Good luck with your foot.

Actual Scale said...

I understand about the points & snacking.
The other pitfall for me with WW were all the "diet" products that had point values on the package.
Oh, how easy, I can eat this & this & this without thinking about points.
*thinking* is the key phrase for me. I HAVE to think about what I eat. I'm not truly counting right now but I'm eyebaling the heck out of everything.

Snacks have to be on the straight & narrow for me. One has to be a fruit or veggie & the other is a boring ol' Fiber One bar.
I can't do candy, not even diet candy, or I'm afraid you'd be seeing me at the bakery. ;)

Keep strong & I hope your foot is doing better soon. If you think it is the ellipitcal, do you have another exercise option so you can let it rest/heal for a bit?