Sunday, August 2, 2009

30 points for yesterday

I was doing sooo good then messed it up with chinese food! But hey, we did bowl 2 games after we ate so maybe I burned some of it. haha

I don't feel super bad about it because I do have the 35 allowance that I'm not even close to going over. But I really do want to start doing better. I've got to learn to start planning my weekends out so I don't get sucked into something bad.

1 pack oatmeal - 2pts
1tbsp flax - 1pt
sandwich - 6pts
sweet sour chicken - 8pts
fried rice - 9pts
mic ultra - 2pts
string cheese - 1pt
fudgesicle - 1pt

I didn't work out yesterday. And now seeing I did 30 points I feel super gross. So, I will be doing something today even though my body is sore as hell from bowling. (I think I'm getting old!)

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