Monday, August 31, 2009

jiggle jiggle

I am officially seeing the weightloss.
My fat pants are falling off today.
My bra doesn't fit right.
And my stomach is jiggly.

Yes, I realize most people would think "ew jiggle." BUT, my stomach was like a pregnant ball, nice and firm. I'm thinking jiggle is good at this point. Like my fat is breaking up and moving on. I obviously have to kick the ab workouts up a notch...

I cannot use the treadmill yet. From being stored for roughly 2 years it needs some lube to make the belt stop sticking (so I don't faceplant). Anyone know where to get that? I figure I'll be spending a crapload just to order it online. UGH

AND, I'm not gonna post my food/points on here every day. It's getting a little mundane. I'll probably just catch everything up on Fridays when I weigh in.

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