Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Well, after the bad news yesterday I had to make some new decisions.

So, I had chinese food for dinner and then went to Wal-Mart to buy Alli. haha

I've tried it before and it worked wonders. But I slipped up too much. Since I've been doing really good with WW I think I can do it better this time.

Bad thing is, I got home and read all the stuff to find out I'm supposed to ask my doctor since I have kidney stones (wonder if that's what caused them in the first place???). Can't wait to hear what he says. I'm gonna blow a gasket if he says not to take them.

I only had 10 points yesterday before eating chinese.
Though I sure what I had was more than 14 points...

I got up and did abs, arms and chest this morning.
I may have over done it on the abs. Only time will tell I guess.


Jennifer said...

Sorry for the bad news, it bites. It's hard to try and loose weight.

Donna Jo said...

Yeah..definitely ask your doc b4 taking those. Chinese is a horrible weakness! haha I'm glad my other fave is semi healthy...Arzi's.. it's Greek & Lebanese :P haha I get the salad.. but the dressing they use is oily..oh well. It's better than stopping for burgers and fries, right? :)

cooljessie said...

Hey girly, I wanted to warn you about this...I have had 12 kidney stones removed surgically, and passed even more than that!! I am so scared for you to take Alli if you get stones!! If you get them because you have high oxalate in your urine, Alli causes the body to form additional oxalate and WILL most DEFINATELY cause stones!! if you already get them it will make even bigger stones!! I can give you more info if you like, is my email if you need any help!! Good luck to you woman!! :-)