Wednesday, August 19, 2009

24 points

For going to a buffet for lunch yesterday, I'd say I did pretty good. Somehow I managed to get nothing fried and hardly any meat. I had 2 bites of baked chicken then decided it was gross. Anyway...

1 pack oatmeal - 3pts
WW snack cake - 1pt
tomato - 0pts
green beans - 0pt
yams - 2pts
potatoes - 3pts
salad w/ranch - 5pts
Whopper Jr. - 9pts
string cheese - 1pt

I didn't do any exercise yesterday. I'm totally slacking in that area but my foot pain has now radiated up my shin. Yes, I know I could still do abs, arms and chest but I'm just so discouraged right now.

The nurse from my urologist's office finally called me back. Said it was ok to take Alli. But while I was waiting a week for her to return my call I did some research and got peoples opinions. Long story short, I'm not gonna take it. It's a risk I just don't want to take. So, I wasted $40 but when I think about not wanting to have kidney stones surgically removed it makes me feel better about it. haha

My weigh in day is less than 2 weeks away and I'm getting really nervous. I'm gonna be icing and heating my foot all day. I've googled every possible remedy and am gonna try it all!

1 comment:

Jennifer said...

Good job at the buffet!
I hope your foot starts feeling better soon. I know how you feel.