Thursday, July 1, 2010

Victoria's Secret

As with most women, I've always wanted a VS bathing suit.
Bikini to be more precise.

Although summer is already under way,
I have every plan to buy a Victoria's Secret bathing suit to be able to wear before beach weather goes away once I can reach a weight loss goal.

I can't decide on my goal for it though.
I really don't think I'm going to get down to 145 without being a skeleton.
But maybe I'm wrong...

I'm thinking I'm going to do it once I lose 25 pounds.
Which is only 6 pounds away...
& I bought a digital scale today so no more excuses.

Eventually I will be taking votes for help because I'm undecided on these babies:


Yani said...

i love all of them no matter which one u pick u will rock it ;0)!!! i love love #4 i want that one... when ever u buy urs post it here so we all can see and congrats on ur weight lost is great!!!

cooljessie said...

I have10 more to loose, and it is kicking my ass!! Everyone tells me I look great now, but I still think I need to loose if not the ten, then twenty lol. Everyone thinks I have a problem with how I see myself, that I see myself fat no matter what...IDK....But anwho, you are doing great. sometimes those last few pounds are the tiny bits under the arms, legs, or torso...but if you are back into your size sevens...then you know for sure youve achieved your weight goal!! Congrats!!