Monday, July 26, 2010

Goal ReCap

I did not do good last week, at all.
I did better on the weekend, which is weird...

Mon 3/8
Tues 3/8
Wed 3/8
Thurs 3/8
Fri 3/8
Sat 5/8
Sun 6/8

Total: 26/56

I did get a shot at the fat doctor on Friday.
It's a new one I've never had before so maybe it'll do something amazing. haha

I'm on a mission this week.
& I will prevail!


♥His Lil Cuntree Queen♥ said...

what are the numbers?

cooljessie said...

Yes, you will prevail...member I told ya that I was on a plateau from hell?? It lasted about three weeks or so, and started moving again on its there is hope. Those last few pounds are always stubborn...I have about ten more left. I figure I should be all done by Christmas...LOL. Dont worry, youll get there!! : )