Friday, July 2, 2010


So, I bought me a scale.
A digital one. Even though I remember hating the last one I had because it always said something different. Like, If I stepped right back on to verify.
Anyway, this one is legit.
I stepped on it 3 times to verify and it confirmed 160 every time.
It was a wonderful way to start the weekend!

I'm thinking I should have held out longer though because seeing a 6 pound loss from last time I weighed is effing amazing! I almost went thru the roof. srsly!

I was very nervous it was going to show a gain.
But I think the mirror and my eyes are playing tricks on me.
Like maybe I just think my stomach is getting bigger because everything else is shrinking and it's not...

I wanted to go get some more phen today but I've spent too much money this week and want to go to the beach this weekend if I get the chance. Yes, I realize those priorities might not be in the right order but um, I've lost 25 pounds and think I can slip up. I will go next Friday to get them though. Hopefully it'll speed up the last 15 pounds!

In other news, I'm doing better on the treadmill.
Like I will walk inclined for 5 minutes then run for as long as I can then slow back down again until I'm not about to die then I'll run again. I was nervous I would get shin pains but I haven't so I should be good to go. Eventually I would love to just be able to run the whole time. But some people just aren't runners. Period. lol

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Jennifer said...

Good job on losing the weight! You should be very proud! I haven't lost any, but I have not gained any since I went on to 3rd shift, being up all night and sleeping during the day!
I want to try to become a runner.
Here is a good link to Women's Health to help you gradually work up to being able to run.
Keep up the good work!