Monday, July 19, 2010

Let's Get Serious

Just as I feared, the scale is not budging. At all.

But before I get all negative,
I need to remind myself of the positives:

* I'm happy with my legs. I'm ok with them not losing any more fat. And most of the horrid cellulite is gone. (skinny bitches have leg dimples, I'm over that.) They could use a tiny bit toning. But as long as I keep up with the treadmill then I know I'm in good shape.

* I'm happy with my face. I can now take a pic and be happy with it. Instead of having to retake it over and over because I had so many rolls.

* I'm happy with my arms. They need some toning but the fat is gone.

My only negative at this point is my stomach. It's gonna drive me straight to the mad house. I do not understand how the fat is not going away! Granted, it's shrunk enough that I can suck in again and that makes me happy. haha

I just absolutely dread doing ab workouts when there is so much fat there. I feel like it would be completely useless. I don't feel like an ab workout burns as much fat as say cardio would. But I have to get over that, I'm going to have to start going psycho obsessive on my abs and my abs only.

I'm almost to the point of not worrying about the numbers anymore. Because now when I look at myself I do not see 15 pounds left to lose. It may be there, I just don't see it. So, I think I'm not going to weigh for a few weeks. Think I can stick to it?

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