Thursday, July 22, 2010

Lack of motivation...

If you've paid any attention to my meal pics on Twitter you will know how sucky I have been doing with food. Why? Because I can...

I do plan on getting serious next week though.
I have to go to the grocery store.
If I have the food, I will not buy the bad stuff.

& I've got to get serious about kicking this caffeine habit again.
I'm so angry with myself for falling off that wagon!
BUT it's so nice not having headaches! ugh
I've only been having 1 Mt Dew in the morning, but still.

I'm going to the fat doctor tomorrow to beg them to give me shots in my stomach. Wish me luck!!!

I think I have a new motivational plan.
Let me know if you think it's completely ridiculous... srsly
I want to be super picky in my next male situation.
I mean like, I want him to be sooo buff and cut.
And I feel like I need to be on that same track before I can be picky.
Doesn't that make sense? It does in my head...

I'm going out tomorrow night.
First night out in over 4 years. No lie.
And since I refuse to buy new clothes yet I had to squeeze into one of my old jean skirts. Luckily Marianne had a shirt I could wear with it. And she bought me the super cute necklace you see in the pic. Let me know how this looks.
I feel like it's kinda muffin toppy...


Donna Jo said...

I think you look good girl. I wish I could wear skirts and dresses... I feel weird in them, lol.. and I'm pretty pale, too.. And you deserve to be picky in your next man! Get what you want and all that.. :) Hope you have a great time :)

♥His Lil Cuntree Queen♥ said...

YOU go girl! You look amazing..muffin toppy?! Really cause I don't see it and with those dark tanned legs I don't think the men will either! And look at those tiny arms! HAVE FUN!!!!!

Makes since to me..being picky isn't a bad thang! Geez your gonna be the power couple when HE does find you;)make the whole town jealous;)

Good luck with the dr.