Tuesday, August 10, 2010

dang treadmill

I've never really paid attention to the treadmill when it comes to how many calories it says I have burned...

Until last night.
I was 15 mins into it.
I had ran 5, walked 5, ran 5.
It said I had burned 150 calories.
Immediately I realized that was not normal.
I usually run 5 then walk 25 and it says 140 at the end of that!

So, apparently the trick is to run?!?

I have never been a runner.
And I was fine with that.
But it seems I am capable of running now.
My knees and hips couldn't handle the stress before...
Since I don't have shin splints today I'm gonna work on running.
Maybe that will speed up this process a little bit.

I'm completely obsessed with this.
It is driving my friends crazy.
And I do apologize.
But when I am 18 lbs away from my goal I can't just sit back and be patient.

Jenny told me I'm the skinniest I have been since she's known me. Which is 3 1/2 years. That made me happy. And got me to thinking. I'm right there, or close to the weight I was when the ex and I got together... How ironic?

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