Tuesday, August 24, 2010

1st Gym Session ReCap

Yesterday was my first day at Gold's Gym.
Or maybe I should say last night, 7pm...

First things first, the girl was dumb.
I mean she was too shy and awkward.
But at the very end I found out she wasn't even a trainer yet so I felt slightly better about that situation.

Their scale had me at 161 lbs
31.2% body fat (which is close to the obese range!)
45% water (it should be about 50)

We wrote my goals as:
140 lbs
25% body fat

Naturally, they are all about having you dish out money for Personal Trainers so I did not get very much help. And what she did show me was stuff I could do at home. Which pissed me off. Hard core. Apparently I'm gonna have to figure out how to use all the machines by myself.

She showed me arm and ab workouts with the ball.
I am so sore today it is unreal!
Beaty is Pain, I'm gonna start living by that.

She preached the same thing I've heard before,
"Only work out each muscle group once a week, except abs."
I'm going to try to stick with this.

Right now my goal is 3 days a week to the gym.
One day arms and chest,
one day legs and butt,
one day shoulders and back.
Abs every day of course.
I want to shoot for Mon Wed Fri but 3 days is 3 days at this point.

I'm gonna give it 2 weeks and see what happens.
If I need to consider a personal trainer, then I will. Temporarily.


Yani said...

I wish i was there so i can traing u for free ;0)

Yani said...

im going to scan u my routine and u just youtube and see how to do it ;0) how about that!!! keep it up u can ;0)

cooljessie said...

Hey girl...how the HELL can you be in the obese range? Esp when you treadmill and everything else? I only weigh 15 pounds less than you do, and am only 5 feet 2 inches and have 26 percent...that just doesnt seem right to me??? Not to mention that you dont look at all like you have that percent of body weight...you look great if you ask me!!

Anywho, good luck with your goal. Your a strong girl, I know you will get there!! Just remember what you said, numbers arent everything...but feeling good about yourself is. So I pray you get to the point where you are comfortable with yourself!!!

Still think you look fabulous~if that means anything to ya!!! (((hugs))

Jennifer said...

Good luck! I think 3 days a week is a good starting point. Hopefully you can stick with it and reach your goal!!! I need to keep my butt in gear now!