Monday, May 3, 2010

A loss, finally!

I walked into the fat doctor and said if the scale didn't show a difference that I was never getting another shot.

They proceeded to tell me that the shot affects inches not pounds. WTH?

So, I said I thought that it broke up the fat.
Was told, it does but I won't see a pound loss.

Maybe I'm dumb, but that makes NO sense to me. At all.

Anyway, the scale ended up showing 178, a 2 pound loss.
(I think it just wanted the girl that hurts me to give me the shots)
I nearly had heart failure! I'd seen 180 for sooo long!

I am curious to see what my scale at home says but I don't need that added torture.
Good thing the hubbs has hid it...

My goal is 2 pounds a week.
Can you believe I actually met a goal?
I can't! It's effing unreal!

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