Thursday, April 22, 2010


I worked my ass off last night.
Or maybe I should say Bob worked my ass last night.
Well, that doesn't sound good either...

ANYWAY, I feel a difference.
But I'm not sure where.
I assume it should be my face or arms,
but I don't see anything there.

So, I'm standing in the hubbs' bathroom naked, staring at myself in the mirror. Naturally, he walks in. "WTF are you doing?" he asks. "I feel like something is different but I don't know what." I answer. Without a second to even think, he points right to it. And all be damned if he ain't right on the money. I have to stare for a little while longer just to be sure, but he's found the spot. Of course, it's not anywhere that is a measurement area.

It's the ab area right under my breasts and right above my prego appearing belly. They used to look like 2 halves of donuts. But not anymore! They'e not completely fat free by any means, but they are smaller. That is instant happiness. Makes me feel like just maybe my hard efforts are working!

Tomorrow is weigh in day.
And we all know I will still be stuck at 180.
But I am going to get my lipo shot tomorrow, that I didn't get last week, and maybe that'll pump something into gear! *crosses fingers*

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