Friday, April 9, 2010

Blood Type Diet

Went to chiropractor today.
He asked me my blood type.
I told him A Positive.
He then told me I needed to be a vegetarian.

Um, what?!?

He believes there is specific foods to eat and not eat for your blood type to maintain a healthy body.

So, you know me, I Googled it.
Turns out he's not the only one to think that.

I looked into it.
It makes sense, but then it doesn't.

My first thought was "oh, I could do this and eat seafood."
But most of the seafood I would eat is on the 'not allowed' list.

I'm considering it, kinda.
It's not like I haven't tried everything else.
Why not try this to?

Here's a website if you're interested.


Anonymous said...

I was gunna try it UNTIL it said it couldn't have COFFEE. Yah right! haha! Thats gotta be a joke. Im like physobitch w/it (Im Oneg)

Queen Caylor said...

I know what you mean! lol