Thursday, April 8, 2010

attn: walkers!

I know that more of you walk!
So, just join me here!
My sn is JessCaylor.

I did a mile on the treadmill last night.
Can't even remember the last time I used it!

Yes, I know I could've/should've done more.
But I wanted to try the p90x ab ripper dvd.
Um, it was a complete joke.
I ended up doing a million crunches because I couldn't do most of what they were doing. I think it's more for people who already have abs of steel! srsly

Hubbs said I should've done the core dvd first. oops
I'm not stupid. I know I have no core strength.
Zero! Nada! no lie

But tonight is Bob night, so it'll have to wait.
Even though I'm still sore from Bob on Monday night,
I'm going to just keep on trucking.

Tomorrow is weigh in day... Eek!

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