Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Bob vs Jilian

You know how I always complain about Bob?

Well, as of yesterday, he's a knight in shining armour.

Jilian kicked my ass yesterday.
I couldn't do most of what she was demanding.
(partly bc I was on carpet & not a gym floor)

And she is not "attractively fit." (words from MA)
Her legs look like stumps.
My vision was blurred from only seeing her waist...
I do not want to look like that. ew

And the other girl, the blonde body builder woman, is intense.
I could do most of what she demanded but it seemed pointless.
But I did it anyway.

I have never sweated as much as I did yesterday.
I liked it. Made it feel worth while.


Sasha said...

If you seen jillian and read her story about before the biggest looser you would know she usta be a huge lady. Her legs were huge then and sometimes you can't get rid of stuff like that but you can make them tighter and gain muscle but they might not ever shrink any. I pretty sure as good as she is she would find a way to get rid of them if she could. I wouldn't have a problem looking like her one bit! lol

Good job for keeping up with them. Sweatin always makes me feel like its worth while too.

Jennifer said...

Good job for keeping up with them! It's hard. A good workout always makes you sweat, then you know your loosing fat!