Tuesday, March 2, 2010


I had my annual w/my new gyno this morning.
I liked him, other than the lectures.

Everyone has their own opinions as to what I'm doing right and wrong on this weightloss journey.

My fat doctor says I'm exercising too much.
Gyno says if I'm not doing at least 60 minutes of cardio a day, 7 days a week, I won't lose anything. Obviously, I'm prone to believe him since I haven't lost an ounce.
Though they both agree that inches lost are good.

Fat doctor prescribed me Bontril.
Gyno says it's an unhealthy copout. He said it will only end up hurting me in the end because once I quit taking it I will have to figure out how to fight the cravings myself, which I should be doing to begin with. Point taken. Once I'm out of what I have, I won't be getting more.

I even got the fakebaking lecture,
though I swear to you he is tan!

I wish I had the money to go to Fat Camp.
I have 2 weeks vacation, I just need the cash...


Hayley said...

You don't have to do 60 min of cardio 7 days a week. They tell you this in WW meetings. Just get your heart going for 30 min a day, and it doesn't have to be a consecutive 30 minutes.

Just because he is tan, doesn't mean he fake bakes.

I'd rather lose inches then pounds.

Anonymous said...

you dont have to workout 60mins/7days a week. Honestly when I was loosing I was barley working out. I watch my caloric intake and have a POSITIVE mindset. I also never once deprived myself. If i wanted something i ate it and never felt bad for it, i just got back on the wagon the next day.

As we get older it gets harder to loose as well. Keep that in mind, i am only 23 but I find it harder now then when I was 20. Thats only 3 yrs. Womens metabolisms drastically slow as we age (even more so after children).

I would stop focusing on the # on the scale so much, that could be hindering you and more focus on the face that there has been a change... a loss in inches!! Your clothes might be looser!!


Donna Jo said...

Hmmm... that seems drastic... but I when I go to the gym I do at least 30 mins, but more times than not, I do 60+ mins. And doing cardio, you're more than likely going to be walking/treadmilling it.. For me, 60 mins on the treadmill is 3 miles.. so when you think of it that way, it doesn't sound like much.. it's just thinking "dang, that's an hour I could be doing something else.." which is why I like the gym and having TVs in front of the treadmills...lol.. I'm still watching the show I was going to watch, but I'm also exercising.. Maybe that will help you out. And on the Bontril. If it helps you, take it for now, til you get your eating habits good and everything, then wing yourself off of it. If you keep up the eating habits you learn with the appetite suppressant you shouldn't crave crazily.. Just my opinion.. I'm on adapex.. I know a lot of people will scream CHEATING.... BUT I'm 50 pounds lighter than what was happening on my own..so I say "so what!" to those comments. When I get down to the weight I want to be at, I will start winging myself off of the meds and go from there.. That's all you can do. Anywho! Good luck with this. I do have to agree that inches lost is just as good as pounds lost! :) At least you are seeing some sort of change for the work you're putting into this!