Wednesday, March 31, 2010


3 days in a row!
I am so proud of myself!

Though my back is sore.
Between my shoulder blades.
And I'm unsure what is causing that...

After swearing off narcotics I am eating my words.
I will be getting phentermine (Adipex) on Friday.
I know I said I wouldn't. yada yada yada
But when I have 3 friends being successful on it,
I have to give it a try to.
Though I can promise you that if it doesn't work for me that I will go completely mental. I will be updating this blog from a padded cell. I am serious. It is getting in my head deep. Which is scary, because it's never bothered me this much. blah

Big note:
I got on the sscale this morning.
It said 182!
BUT since today isn't weigh in day,
I'm not counting it...
Hopefully it will still say that, or lower, Friday morning!

1 comment:

Donna Jo said...

Hey girl! I hope it stays like that, too! :) And I hope that the phentermine works, for you. I know how stressful it is to be trying hard with no results :) And good for you on doing the BL dvd :)