Monday, March 22, 2010


Lunges are NOT my friend.
I don't know how some people can be so obsessed with them!

Level 1 of the dvd I spoke about yesterday is full of lunges.
I thought I was ok until I couldn't get out of bed today.
And my legs are sore in places they have never been sore before.
But I kinda like it, makes me think my saddle bags are going away!


Yani said...

i know i hate them 2..but like my daddy have always tell me U HAVE 2 DO WHAT U HAVE 2 DO...i have learn yes u will be soar for a minute just bc u havent used those muscles but after u keep using them it will Stop Hurting!!! keep it u!!! u can do it dont quit!!! beauty hurt!!! remember that!!!!! ;0)
ps i havent send u the paperwork i apologyze i have been really busy with school and i have to leave japan in an emergency leave...i be back on tuesday(ur so i will send it this week!!! good luck in keep going U CAN!!!!

Yani said...

i mean this coming week!!!