Monday, July 27, 2009


I'm struggling hard core this morning.
I mean, hardfuckingcore!

Prolly because I didn't eat a big dinner.
Then I worked out this morning.
And only had oatmeal for breakfast.

I guess I could have a light snack but I'm trying really hard not to...

& let me just say I'm irritated at how many calories Flax Seed has. I only put 1 tbsp in my oatmeal but it's still annoying. Guess I'll just have to wait and see how many Points it has...

I've started a goal.
No soda or tea. WATER only!
I'll keep you posted on how many days I have under my belt when I get about a week through it.


Sasha said...

Its always good to have a protien snack like 30 min before your workout so that your bady has something to help get your metabolism going, that way you have more to help you burn. I seen it on The Biggest Looser:) Even if its a spoonfull of peanut butter, or peanuts or something small.

Good luck with the water thing, one way I have found to keep water going into me is I buy the little 80z Ozark waters, they go so fast but its easy to keep up with and they are fast to drink..just keep one on your desk and fill it up as you go through it at work, that way you don't spend a fortune on water. We do because we don't drink the tap water here at my house..its nasty!

Donna Jo said...

If you like yogurts there's a snack for you. like 100 calories.. not too shabby. It feels me up. If you need a granola or somethin in them, CHEERIOS.. OR if you like almonds, get the non salted ones, and only eat like just a few (eat them slowly) and they carve out my hunger... With the water thing (because that is what I do now) If i feel like I need something other than just water. VITAMINwater!! They only have like 40 cals per serving (depending on what one you get) And they taste pretty good, too. I by the nestle pure life waters, 3.99 for 24 I think. We can't drink the water from the house, so we go through them like crazy. But those are the tricks I am using and they are working for me. :)