Friday, July 31, 2009


I was a total snackaholic yesterday.
BUT I didn't go over my points!
I made sure I reached them actually, got all 24!

2 packs oatmeal - 6pts
1 tbsp flax - 1pt
soup - 3pts
apples w/caramel - 2pts
string cheese - 7pts
lean cuisine - 5pts

I did 15 mins on the elliptical in the AM and PM.
I tried to do 30 in the PM but it just wasn't gonna happen.

The real test starts tomorrow morning.
Trying to keep on track during the weekend...
I think I can handle the food but exercise might be hard.
My goal is to at least do it once a day on the weekend.

I've decided my weigh in day will be August 29th.
That will have been 5 weeks.
The goal is 5 pounds.
I'll only set higher goals when I can start reaching small ones.
cross your fingers for me!

This is day 5 with no soda/tea!
I know it sounds dumb to some of you but I dare you to try, it sucks! haha

Club Sun (where I tan) has a new diet pill, it's all natural.
She gave me a sample and I've taken it. Can't wait to see what happens.
I wanted to do it cold turkey but a little push couldn't hurt.
We'll see if it makes me jittery or not, and that will be the decider.

I did want to try Allli again but I don't think I could manage counting fat grams and points. It would get entirely too hard and I really would be deprived. But maybe I'll change my mind over time, depending how it all works out...

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Donna Jo said...

Good luck :) I hope you make your goal. I quit goals b/c I wouldn't make it...and then I would get depressed and start eating badly again... super fun (yeah right). I think I'm going to go see an aka "fat doc" and get put on phentermine again... w/ me watching what I eat and exercising, I'm sure it will work well...ya know? But I just don't know about the $$ that's gonna cost....we'll see :)