Thursday, July 30, 2009

Day 4

I'm feeling much better today.
I think I may have finally beat that nasty drug (caffeine).
And btw, I'm mainly doing the no soda/tea for those horrid kidney stones I have. If you've ever had one, you know the pain. They are not something that I want to get bigger or to get more.

I had a teeny tiny headache that pretty much annoyed me all day yesterday but it was nothing compared to Tuesday. So, I do believe the worst is over. (ask the hubbs how I almost killed him when he asked me to get him a glass of sweet tea.)

I only did 15 mins on the elliptical yesterday morning but I did 30 last night. Super proud of myself. The hubbs had never seen me sweat like that (says he)... Those aren't exactly the pointers I want to hear but whatever.

I only had 22 points yesterday.
I know, I know I'm supposed to be eat all 24.
Does having 28 on Tues not make up for it??? haha
I just need to get some 2 pt snacks to keep around...

Bagelful - 4 pts
Salad - 7 pts
Fiber One Bar - 2 pts
3 Tacos - 9 pts

Funny fact -
Those Volcano Tacos I used to eat every day are 19 freakin' points! WOW


Donna Jo said...

Kudos to you for beating the nasty caffeine!!

That's awesome. So, how bad did you want to murder Kevin for asking for tea? lol I don't know how it will be for you, but for me, I don't even 2nd guess myself when I grab a water, unless I'm thinking "hmm, do I want reg water or a vitaminwater?" That's usually for supper, too. haha. Sometimes I reward myself w/ a smoothie. I go to a lil smoothie shop in denham that makes the smoothies from fresh fruits. So, it's not too bad.

Sasha said...

When my mom and I were doing it, we usta try to save as many points as we could for the weekend so that we could have a really good treat! just an idea for you to try and shoot for during the week to help keep you focused. Good luck!