Tuesday, October 26, 2010

funny story

It's only funny now.
It was NOT funny yesterday when it happened.

Some of you may know that I gave up Cokes.
All dark sodas to be more specific.

It has been over a year since I've had any.
It was a horrible process.
Caffeine is a serious drug.
(yes, I gave back in to that. just not Cokes.)
Headache for about 4 days straight.

I know Cokes were a serious issue for me.
About 5 a day to none, cold turkey.
I have avoided them like the plague.
I even almost choked to death one time because all that was in my reach was a Coke and I positively refused to put it in my mouth.

Well, I ordered a sweet tea from McDonalds last night.
The dumb bitches gave me Coke.
I didn't know until I took a sip. obvi.
I was driving. Almost wrecked.
Seriously had a mental breakdown.
It was like cocaine. In my mouth.

I was so upset and disappointed.
I had worked sooo hard. And it had been destroyed.
I know it wasn't my fault but it still stung. Bad.
I teared up and wanted to bawl my eyes out.

& OMG did I want to drink the rest of that Coke.
Marianne had to dump it down the sink when we got to her house.

My skin was crawling.
I was shaking.
I wanted to throw up and get it out of my stomach.

I am positively astounded at how I reacted.
It's actually quite scary to me.
I was not prepared for it to affect me that bad.

You may think I'm crazy, but addictions are serious.
Think of something you're addicted to.
Think about giving it up.
Think about being forced to take it back unprepared.

But I will not cave. I'm not giving in because that happened.
No matter how bad I want to...

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