Wednesday, December 30, 2009


I have NOT done good this week.
Imagine that!

Only thing promising I have done is throw out all the junk food in my office. I didn't give it to anyone else in the office. I threw it OUT!

On a different note...
I haven't had my cycle since Oct. 30th.
No, I'm not pregnant.
According to the HPT anyway.

But it seems like I might start here in a few days.
Naturally, since I'm trying to start exercising and eating right! UGH

Since Kevin got out of the Army I've had to get different insurance and I still have to find a family doctor. I heard of one who also has a diet clinic so I think I might check him out instead of going to the other fat doctor.

He starts his new job on January 11th.
We don't know what shift he's going to get but I hope it's the 2nd one. Yes, I will miss him but it will give me the opportunity to eat a healthy dinner and exercise when I get home from work. No, he doesn't keep me from doing it. But when he's home I'd rather spend time with him then in the workout room.

I've been trying to think of small goals.
Smallest I can come up with is 2 lbs a week.
BUT for the first month I think I'm going to shoot for just 1 lb a week so I don't get discouraged early on. Ultimately having lost 40 lbs by June 2010. Does that sound reasonable?


Jennifer said...

Have you still been getting your cycle every month? I got my Mirena in the beginning of June, bled on and off until July, and haven't had a drop of blood since then. I took a pregnancy test a few months ago and it was negative. I dont know what is up with this...
I think 2 lbs is reasonable. I agree with you about not wanting to really work out with Kevin there, I'm the same way about Travis. Friday is a new year, and hopefully us being skinny!

Donna Jo said...

I think you have the right mind set. 1-2lbs a week is a good goal. You can do this. I'm doing it.. if I can do this, I know you can, lol. Good luck w/ finding a new doctor. For some reason I get nervous going to a new doctor...idk why, guess I'm just weird, haha.

Anonymous said...

you prolly will stop getting your period all together. I havn't had one in about a yr!! Its GREAT!!! I love mierna.