Monday, September 14, 2009

Day 50

Today is the 50th day of no soda or tea.

Can you believe I don't even want it anymore?
Not even tea!

I wanted to start this week off right and get on the treadmill this morning but that didn't happen. I stayed up later than usual and slept in late. oops!

But I do intend on getting my butt on there this afternoon!


Sasha said...

GO! GO! GO! GO! lol Thats awesome..I'm addicted to Caffeine Free Coke in a bad way..I think they put crack in it! I'm out right now so I'm gonna try to just start back with my water an OJ so I don't get sick..which reminds me, you and kev both better start taking vitamin c and a multi vitamin to better your chances of not getting sick. And don't touch your face if your hands are clean..anywho don't know how I got off on that subject, but good luck with the treadmill..hope you burn lots of inches!! haha

Sasha said...

thats if your hands are NOT clean!

Savannah said...

Damn, you are more of a woman than me...50 days no soda OR tea????? WOW! I am impressed!

Donna Jo said...

yay!! I'm the same way.. I don't even want cokes or tea. The only thing I'm having problem with wanting too many of are SMOOTHIES.. So I need to start kicking that habit, too. So I drink water and milks. Fun fun.. now.. if I could that with sweets my life would be SO much better!!