Wednesday, September 28, 2011

3rd Appt at Aspen Clinic

This appt was not as wonderful as the last, but I knew that going in.

I gained 2 lbs over the weekend but their scale still showed a 5 lb loss from my last visit 5 weeks ago. Good news is, all 5 lbs was fat and not muscle or water.

BMI went from 26.0 to 25.2
BMR went from 1571 to 1549
Fat % went from 39.1 to 37.1 (goal 21-33%)
Fat Mass went from 65 to 59.5 (goal 28-52)

The doctor suggested drink white grapefruit juice. He says it helps the phentermine work harder to break fat. Kinda confused as I've always been told fruit juice is bad when trying to lose weight but I guess I'll try anything at this point.

The treadmill was moved into my room this weekend but I only used it Monday. It didn't get used Tuesday.

Ohhh, what I would give to find some motivation!

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