Thursday, February 10, 2011

lil update

I didn't throw out my scale...

The more I thought about it,
the more I realized I need that reminder.
Because HELLO 15 lbs jumped on within a blink.

I was going to go back to the fat doctor.
But I couldn't go back to my old one.
(half the nurses are friends w/the ex.)
Turns out I'm outta luck. I waited too long.
I can't get in to see one until March 2.
I'll be in LA by then...

I took it as a sign, that I need to do this myself.
I need to make lifestyle changes.

Today started water day.
No more calories from drinks.
Baby steps people.

Once I get settled in LA,
I will be setting goals for myself.

Yes, I know I tend to not keep them.
But I still need them.
I have way more motivation this time.

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