Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Got on the scale this morning.
I've gained 6 pounds. Back up to 159.
19 pounds to lose. again.

I almost chunked the scale out the bathroom window.
I slammed it against the floor instead.
It is the devil I tell you.

I know exactly what happened.
I got comfortable.
I was liking how I looked.
Loving how I felt in my clothes.

I was doing good at the gym but slacked off.
Continuing to eat the way I do without the gym is what happened.

This is a never ending circle.

My priorities are wrong.


I have a treadmill. I have NO excuse.
Even if I only do 30 minutes,
I'm going to start doing something EVERY day.

No more soda. ie: Sprite/Mt. Dew
I will only be drinking sweet tea and coffee through December then that's done.

It's time to be healthy!
It's not just about weightloss anymore.

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