Tuesday, June 1, 2010

15 lbs

I wasn't home to weigh yesterday...

But this morning it said 170! yay
And I have been slacking, but I'm sure it's a result of stress.
Which means I need to bust my ass this week.
And I intend to.

5 more pounds and I'm halfway there!

I'm kinda sad.
It's June.
I wanted to be at my goal by now...


Anonymous said...

Good job! Its like we've swapped places. Ive gained like 9lbs (which is a LOAD on my small frame)! :( I cried last night. I ned to bust my ass between now and June 18th when I go home. Good luck!! (to us both)


cooljessie said...

Good for you....I am on the plateau from HELL!! I have weighed the same for nearly 3 weeks now and I am ready to chuck the damn scale out the window....LOL> I just try and remember the distance in which I have come...and at least I am not gaining it back slowly, right?!?! Knock on wood!!!